About this application
"Kirie" is Japanese traditional artwork, made by cutting folded Origami.
Since the era of Samurai, men and women, young and old have been enjoyed this geometrized designing.
Enjoy creating beautiful motifs with your iPhone / iPodTouch with this Ki-Ri-e application!
- 10 kinds of folded patterns are provided.

- Draw cutting lines with your finger (sharpness can be set by yourself). If needed, zoom in and out to make intricate design.

- For Origami and Background, we provide;
  24 colors of colored papers with 23 gradation patterns
  15 types of figured papers
  pictures (you can choose one from “Camera Roll”)
  Just changing the Origami or the Background, you'll see your artwork completely different.

- Your artwork will be saved in Camera Roll. Feel free to send it to your friend or use it as a wallpaper.

- Tap or blow your work and have fun with twirling your Kirie! (blowing won't work with iPod Touch)

Version history
- 17th Nov, 2011 v1.2.8 iOS 5.0.1 bug fixed.
- 25th Oct, 2011  v1.2.7 
- 8th Dec, 2010   v1.2.6 
- 6th Oct, 2010    v1.2.5 
- 20th July, 2010 v1.2.4 
- 9th July, 2010   v1.2.3 
- 16th Apr, 2010  v1.2.2 
- 11th Apr, 2010  v1.2.1 
- 25th Jun, 2009  v1.2.0 
- 27th Jan, 2009  v1.1.1 
- 14th Jan, 2009  v1.1.0 
- 20th Dec, 2008 v1.0.0 Release 


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