I'm here mail!

About this application
Send emails automatically using location information! 
• Automate daily communications 
• Have important people use it 
• Send emails while driving 

Designating locations where you want emails to be sent is done by setting a pin, just like a map application. 
You can search for an address or from your address book, or you can put a pin in whatever location you like. 
After setting the location, emails will be sent even when the app is in the background. 
You can set the following items for each pin.

Demo movie

Version history
• 25th Feb, 2013  v1.0.2 Modified version of the notation.
• 19th Feb, 2013  v1.0.1 Improving the recognition accuracy of arrival/departure set position.
• 11th Jan, 2013   v1.0.0 Release


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