About this application
This app is aimed at kindergarten children 
to let children develop their thinking skill. 
It's based on an educational material developed by Hidemi Wada, a famous teacher at ChinoKosaku Lab. Co.,ltd. 
*The material is based on "Structure of Intellect". For more Information about "Structure of Intellect", please search on the Internet. 
This app will keep your children engaged in fun and educational activities using your iPhone/iPad.

Version history
- 29th July, 2012 v1.4.0 Language choice is available on the main menu.You can go back to the main menu from practice.
- 28th Feb, 2012 v1.3.1 
- 14th Feb, 2012 v1.3.0 
- 19th Jan, 2012 v1.2.1 
- 10th Jan, 2012 v1.2.0 
- 1st Nov, 2011   v1.1.1 
- 11th Oct, 2011  v1.1.0 
- 1st July, 2011   v1.0.0 Release


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